Optimal Plus™

The most versatile and advanced pump available.

Optimal Plus™

The most versatile and advanced pump available.

Optimal Plus™ provides proven therapy tailored to your condition.

Effective management of chronic lymphedema can be as varied as those that live with it. Our clinically proven, easy-to-use therapy is built for changes in condition and changes in life. This flexibility in therapy results in a higher rate of use and progress.

Treatment can be tailored to your specific condition and needs.

Treatment modes relieve swelling and discomfort.

Control and configure your therapy using our easy-to-use app.

Designed to keep your therapy moving forward.

We’ve incorporated durability, wearability, and digital connectedness for better, more effective management of your condition.

The optimal home treatment for
lymphedema, lipedema, CVI, and chronic wounds.

Lympha Press Optimal Plus™ is specifically designed for the treatment of lymphedema, lipedema, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Lympha Press® is clinically proven to stimulate lymph protein absorption and increase lymphatic return during and even after therapy.  It integrates research and cutting-edge technologies from around the world to offer more specialized patient care with advanced pneumatic compression therapy.


  • Automatic adjustable pause and hold time
  • User-friendly, clear interface
  • Calibrated gradient compression – single-chamber pressure selection
  • Full compliance meter
  • Bluetooth technology allows the user’s smartphone or tablet to operate as a remote control

Treatment can be tailored to your specific condition and needs.

This unit offers four therapy modes including a unique Pretherapy™ proximal to distal compression cycle designed to stimulate the lymphatics. With adjustable ranges of therapy pressures and sequences that allow customized treatment options (20-90 mmHg), Lympha Press Smart Technology™ “learns” the patient’s unique measurements, calibrating the pressure in each chamber, and adjusting to changing measurements to provide optimal therapy.


Pretherapy™ Mode
This mode prepares the proximal treated area to receive lymph fluid before the main treatment.
Post Therapy Focus Mode
Apply an additional therapy to a specific area after the main treatment is completed.
Wave Mode
Wave mode, or peristaltic mode, is used for comfortable, effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort.
Sequential Mode
This mode is used for effective reduction of edema.

The Lympha Press® Optimal Plus.

The Lympha Press® Optimal Plus console supplies air at regulated pressure to the compression garment. Compression is applied sequentially, alternating with deflation and intermission to the treated area.


Pressure Range
20-90 mmHg
Size (W x H x D)
34 x 24 x 20 cm
13.3 x 9.4 x 7.8 in
4.5 kg / 9.92 lbs.
100-240 VAC,
50-60 Hz
USB Port
Used to update the console to the latest Optimal Plus software upgrades
12/24 Chambers
Use with any of our 12-24 chambered garments

Lympha Press therapy is user-friendly.

Seeing is believing: watch how simple it is for patients to get started!

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Built for real life. Yours.

See how Lympha Press at-home therapy systems help patients manage their condition.

Control and configure your therapy using our easy-to-use treatment app.

App available for Android, iPhone, and tablets.